Emma Cribbens

Emma Cribbens
Address : 5 vicars hill
Postcode : LA9 5da
Telephone : 07766544309
Email :

Nominated By:
Full Name : April wood
Telephone : 07532434957
Email : April-leemarshall@hotmail.co.uk

IN WHAT CAPACITY DO YOU KNOW THE NOMINEE : Our children are in the same class at school and we have become close friends
The person I have nominated deserves to be considered for an invitation to the Cumbria Women of the Year Lunch because: : She is an inspiration to everyone, she is always putting everyone before herself. She has such positive energy and never let’s things dull her sparkle. Emma has two wonderful children who were diagnosed with Autism, this can often come with challenges but the lengths she goes to make sure her children are achieving and enjoying every minute, all with a smile on her face.
Emma deserves to be spoilt and shown that she is an amazing person.

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