Jan Hawkins

Cumbria Life –  Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 Winner

Jan Hawkins has lived in Cumbria for 40 years, raising her own four and 16 foster children, and during all that time, she has fund-raised  – medical equipment for ambulances, mental health charities, hospitals, a BEEP emergency response car, transporting humanitarian aid to Romanian orphanages – all these causes have benefited from her efforts.   But most of all, Jan’s name is synonymous with Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance.  By sheer force of personality, dedication and plain hard work – she is no stranger to an 80 hour week, unpaid, naturally –  she has raised, and continues to raise, funds to start and maintain one of the most vital charities in Cumbria.


Since 2004 £12million has been raised.   22 doctors, numerous paramedics and pilots are involved.  It is a massive undertaking.  And quite simply, it owes its existence and its place in the county’s heart, to Jan Hawkins, which is why she is now recognised with the Cumbria Life Lifetime Achievement Award.


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